Are you good enough to show your talent and skills in just 2 minutes? In the end, it all comes down to how much the audience loves you!

Whether you sing, dance, have crazy calculation skills, perform magic tricks or anything else – all you get is 2 minutes of fame in front of the jury and the audience. While the participants perform, the viewers vote via mobile apps or call different phone lines – the YES line if they like the show and the NO if they have seen enough. If the NO votes win, his or her 2 minutes of fame end with a sound of a siren, and the participant must leave the stage. However, those who get more of the YES votes are allowed to finish their performance, get the comments from the jury and proceed to the next level.

The interactive talent show, broadcasted live during weekend primetime, is definitely your best alternative to the “Got Talent” shows on the other channels.

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