Everybody knows their cities are better than the others – finally there is a chance to settle this once and for all. In this patriotic prime time entertainment show cities compete against each other not to crash, but to unite the country in national pride and talent.

What is the most famous song, ever created in your city? Which city in your country has the best singers, dancers and performers? Do you know where exactly your favorite celebrities were born and raised? In “Super City”, country’s major cities and towns compete against each other to win the votes from the jury and – more importantly – from their own townspeople who vote by calling. Each show consists of different rounds of tasks, such as musical performances, funny sports activities, city’s special talent and such. Looking and finding performers to represent each city to their best potential makes people learn more our their home towns as well as other parts of the country, and major celebrities can never reject an offer to represent their home city in the national competition for the Super City title. Each of the cities is represented by their own captains – a celebrity, who was born there – and cheered by their townspeople while filming at the studio.

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